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The Healthy Child programme provides comprehensive advice on health and social care throughout a child’s life. It differs from the previous schedule of child health surveillance, with more emphasis on antenatal care, support for both parents, early identification of at-risk families, and changed public health priorities. The programme is delivered by midwifery staff, health visitors and the primary care. Health and development reviews assess family needs and risks, monitor the child’s growth and development, and detect abnormalities. Scheduled checks are carried out (usually by health visitors) at:

  • 14 days (new baby review)
  • 6 – 8 weeks
  • By 12 months
  • Between 2 and 2-and-a-half years

Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) is a booklet (The Red Book) given to parents in the UK, following the birth of a child, to be used as the main record of their growth, development and uptake of preventive health services. Now available in digital format, at

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