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Identify your current level of knowledge. Prepare for revalidation. Demonstrate continuing professional development. Clinically rich case-based modules.

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CURRICULUM - Clinically rich, case-based, self-assessment CPD modules to help you prepare for revalidation. Click on the scrolling icons or select a module from the drop down menu to test your knowledge

ESSENTIALS - back-to-basics, full text articles, by clinical topic from our Primary Care Essentials series

PRESCRIBING NURSE - written for the nurse prescriber or those with an interest in prescribing and the medical management of clinical conditions

ADVANCED PRACTICE - Expert articles providing in depth knowledge of key therapeutic areas

CLINICAL A-Z - Information, definitions, Red Flags, live links to guidelines and relevant Practice Nurse articles

GUIDELINES IN A NUTSHELL - Brief summaries of essential clinical and practice guidelines

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Featured article

Identifying and improving management of bronchiectasis

Mortality in patients with bronchiectasis is up to twice that of the general population, suggesting that this is a group who needs to be identified, correctly diagnosed, and for whom management should be improved

Featured article

Stop smoking interventions and services. NICE NG92, March 2018

New guidance from NICE aims to ensure that everyone who smokes is advised and encouraged to stop and given the support they need. It emphasises the importance of targeting vulnerable groups who find smoking cessation hard or who smoke a lot. The guidance is aimed not only at those responsible for commissioning services but healthcare professionals delivering stop smoking interventions in primary and community care settings.

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Featured curriculum module

Scarlet fever

In the light of the current outbreak of scarlet fever, which has seen the number of cases double in the first three months of the year compared with the same period in 2017, this is a timely reminder of the presentation and prognosis of the infection, including mechanisms of transmission, when to take a throat swab and culture, differential diagnosis and complications.

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15 May 2018Vol 48 • Number 5


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