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Guidelines in a nutshell
COPD: GOLD 2017Global strategy for asthma management and prevention, GINA 2017Risk estimation and the prevention of cardiovascular disease. SIGN 149, 2017Sepsis: NICE 2016
Allergic rhinitis, BSACI 2017British guideline on the management of asthmaType 2 diabetes in adults - managementSharps injuries: PHE
Asthma: diagnosis, monitoring and chronic asthma management. NICE NG80, 29 November 2017Intrauterine Contraception: FSRH (UKMEC update 2016)Clinical waste: DHType 2 Diabetes: SIGN update 2017
Emergency contraception, FSRH 2017Management of chronic heart failure: SIGN 147, 2016Headache: NICE 2015
Endometriosis: diagnosis and management. NICE NG73, September 2017Management of infection – guidance for primary care: PHE, January 2017Migraine: SIGN 2017