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November 2018

Practices max out on QOF points

Latest data show more than 12% of practices achieved maximum points under the Quality and Outcomes Framework in the year to April 2018.

NHS Digital reports that the average QOF score was 537.5 out of a possible 559 points in 2017-18. A QOF point was worth £171.20 in the last financial year. All but about 5% of practices in England participate in the scheme.

The annual QOF achievement report also provides ‘robust’ data on the prevalence of key conditions. The highest recorded prevalence rates were for hypertension (13.9%), depression (9.9%) and obesity (9.8%). The condition with the greatest change in QOF-recorded prevalence was depression, which increased by 0.9 percentage points from the previous year.

The QOF is due to be renegotiated in England for next year – in Scotland it has already been abolished, and in Wales, practices have only to demonstrate that they keep registers of patients with specified clinical conditions. However, NICE has published a list of new or revised indicators that will form the basis for negotiation between NHS Employers and the BMA next spring. Practice Nurse will have the details of the proposed indicators in the December issue.