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Identify your current level of knowledge. Prepare for revalidation. Demonstrate continuing professional development. Clinically rich case-based modules.

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PSA testing in men without symptoms

Prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing is acceptable and offers opportunities to diagnose and treat cancer early – but not all men with a positive test result will have or go on to develop prostate cancer. What should we do?

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Tropical infectious diseases

Many infections acquired by travellers when abroad can present with similar symptoms, most notably fever, and without specialist investigation it can be difficult to determine the most appropriate approach to management

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Adverse drug reactions: A guide for general practice nurses

An adverse drug reaction (ADR) may be a known effect of the drug, or a new and previously unrecognised effect. It is defined as an unwanted or harmful reaction that occurs after administration, and which is suspected or known to be due to the drug. ADRs may also be an unintended or unexpected reaction to a drug normally used for prevention or treatment of a condition. The precise incidence of ADRs is not known with any certainty because it is difficult to assess what caused a reaction, and not all ADRs are reported.

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