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July 2020

New app helps chart sleep disturbance

Sleep disturbances are a common but challenging presentation in primary care, and sleep disorders can range from insomnia and sleep apnoea to restless legs syndrome. It is estimated that sleep disorders affect up to 20% of the adult population at any given time.

Non-pharmacological measures, including sleep hygiene, are recommended first line but patients’ perceptions of how much they actually sleep and when, are not always accurate.

Now a new free of charge app is available, based on a clinically validated questionnaire, to help patients to record sleep patterns and the daytime consequences of disturbed sleep, so they can give a more accurate picture to their healthcare professional.

SNappD – the Sleep Nap Diary app – was commissioned and funded by Flynn Pharma Ltd, and created with the advice and input of doctors and others with a special interest and expertise in sleep.

The app is available at the usual iOS and GooglePlay app stores. For further information, contact Flynn Pharma at