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May 2019

PCDS opens doors to all members of primary care team

For the first time, practice nurses and other members of the primary health care team are being invited to join the Primary Care Dermatology Society.

The PCDS was formed in 1994 by a group of GP skin specialists who recognised the need for a forum in which GPs could exchange views on primary care dermatology, develop skills and progress clinical research. Currently the Society has 4,500 members in the UK.

Around 25% of the primary care workload involves dermatology and many common skin conditions are managed entirely within the community. This workload is also likely to increase as ongoing changes in funding and the NHS structure move more patient care into the community. The PCDS predicts that, in collaboration with the consultant dermatologist, GPs and the wider primary care team will become increasingly involved in the management of chronic skin diseases.

Annual membership costs £30 for members of the primary care team, and includes access to dermatology courses, a comprehensive website, and the opportunity to influence the way dermatology is delivered at local and national level.

You can find an application form at